Within the framework of the Living Lab of Rambouillet territories, the TORNADO project will focus on experimentation and specification of the necessary technologies of the vehicle and the infrastructure for projects of mobility Services (later). It will define the technologies for a maximum level of security and adapted to the traffic in a little dense area.

This feasibility will be demonstrated at real scale and environment in the ultimate phase.

Use cases

Two cases of use according to the criteria of the single Interdepartmental Fund (fled):

  1. Service of drawdown/diffusion from stations, without stopping point logic
  2. Service according to a logic of stopping points in “meeting area”


  • The duration of the project is 36 months.
  • The ultimate phase is a real-world demonstration.
  • The project has been extended to February 2021, when the final deliverables will be available.
  • If you wish to obtain additional information, you can contact us at the following email address: