Tornado Mobility

Project FUI

Interactions between autonomous vehicles and infrastructures for mobility services in low-density areas

The connected autonomous vehicles are changing the world of the automobile. They could provide a safe, ecological and shared alternative to the exclusive use of its personal vehicle. Major progress has taken place in recent years. Many experiments are carried out in urban areas. However, these different initiatives do not take into account the specificities of the low-density areas where transport solutions are scarcer.

The TORNADO project aims to develop in a low-density environment:

  • A vehicle-infrastructure system from prototypes of existing autonomous vehicles
  • Through two use cases: service in “meeting area” and drawdown on “Open Road”
  • With short field validation periods (real-scale and real-world)

EXOSKILLS and TORNADO – Meeting with its President, Michel Blanco-Levrin "We will finally test autonomous cars in semi-urban conditions"

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Save the Date – September 3th-7th 2018 (Customers’ Open Days)

Save the Date – September 3th-7th 2018 (Customers’ Open Days)

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Mobilab Workshop of 26 March 2018

Author: Manuel Chauffrein, BMCP. On March 26th, BMCP organized with the mobility team of Rambouillet territories the first co-creation workshop for...


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Mobility Event-30/09/2017

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Tornado Kick OFF!

Tornado Kick OFF!

7/9/2017: Kick OFF Official launch of the Tornado project on 7 September 2017 at the headquarters of Rambouillet territories. All...