About Inria

Inria (National Research institute dedicated to digital Science) is a public research institution of Scientific and technological nature (EPST). Created in 1967, it is the only public research institute entirely dedicated to digital science. At the interface of computer science and mathematics, Inria’s 3 400 researchers are inventing the digital technologies of tomorrow. Inria’s Chroma team contributes to the implementation of general methodologies for the collection and decision-making of mobile robotics, taking into consideration aspects of autonomy, limited resources, cooperation and social interaction. The project aims to produce models or algorithms that allow one or more robots to perform tasks in complex environments. These are models that must allow robots to: perceive and decide under highly constrained conditions (uncertainty, limited sensors, real time), adapt to the dynamics of the environment (anticipate, plan, learn), cooperate in Presence of other robotic entities (strategies of cooperation, communication) and finally take into account the human presence in the environment (Social intelligence of the robot).